How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Written By Kirill Lesnykh

If you’re in the market to remodel your bathroom you might have a lot of questions. One question that is likely to be at the top of your list is “How much will this remodel cost?” We’re here to break down all the deciding factors for you!


Every bathroom remodel is unique, yet the price of the remodel depends on three factors:


  • Size of bathroom
  • Scope of work
  • Materials used


Size of bathroom:

The final cost of a bathroom remodel depends on the total size of the bathroom. The size dictates how much demolition and trips to the dump are required. The general rule of thumb is as follows.


  • Demolition for a bathroom under 50 sq ft will cost about $900
  • Demolition for a bathroom 50-75 sq ft will hover around $1800
  • Demolition for a bathroom from 75-125 sq ft will cost about $2700


Most bathrooms are sized somewhere in this range. Naturally, the price of demolition and installation rises with bathroom size. What if the bathroom doesn’t need to be fully demolished? Here the scope of work enters the picture.


Scope of Work:

Every homeowner has a unique vision for their bathroom. We call this the scope of work. The scope of work tells us the details of the project. Will we install new tile? Countertops? Mirrors? The scope of work tells us what you need done.


For example, a customer of ours had a bathroom that needed the vanity, flooring, and trim removed and replaced. They had purchased all the material in advance, and we simply demolished and installed the new material.


Here’s another example project. This one involved a large master bathroom in need of a remodel. Another issue was the leaky ceiling directly under the master bathroom. After looking at the leak and floor of the bathroom, we discovered a serious underlying issue. Our client had a large area of mold growing under the shower floor and in the shower walls. Once we opened up these up, we found several critical load-bearing studs and floor joists were rotten. This required immediate work getting the studs back in order, as well as framing work for a curbless shower.


Looking at these two projects, we see a different scope of work for each one. For reference, the price difference between these two bathrooms was around $15,000. When we (or any other remodeling specialist) ask for a scope of work, we’d love to know all the applicable details about your bathroom.


Let’s get into specifics. As mentioned earlier, demolition depends on the size of your bathroom. Tile cost alone typically ranges from $0.99/sq ft to $30/sq ft. With such a large range of options, we’ll let you purchase the tile, and then deliver it straight to you from a local supplier. Tile installation is about $25-$30/sq ft. Be sure to measure the total area of tile that’d you would like to replace for an accurate estimate.


Besides tile and demolition, there is a myriad of options and add-ons for a bathroom remodel. We’d love to tell you all about it, but unfortunately, you’d be reading for hours on end. Fortunately, Kirks Renovations offers a free, 24hr custom estimate for your bathroom remodel. Click here to start an inquiry.


Based on experience, here are several estimates for a typical bathroom remodel. A “regular” 5x8 ft bathroom tends to cost around $7000 without material costs or changing out the tub. Adding on plenty of features would bring it closer to $10,000. If you have a much larger bathroom (100-125 sq ft), then your installation costs could be anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000 (depending on the scope of work and material costs). After all, the total price all depends on your vision for the project.



Materials Used:

The right material can make or break a bathroom. We trust your vision, and we’d love to give you crucial information on how bathroom materials are typically priced.


Most remodeling materials come at a set industry-standard price point. For example, 2x4’s, drywall sheets, cement boards, paint, etc. are all priced at an industry-standard price. However, some materials have many options, all depending on the quality needed. Shower waterproofing, bathtubs, vanities, countertops, tile, and similar material all fluctuate in price depending on quality. For example, the materials and method of installation used in waterproofing a shower and floor could change the price by thousands of dollars in some cases. You can either choose to go with RedGuard or Schluter shower waterproofing. That difference alone could change the cost of your remodel by $800 for just the shower! (Schluter offers a lifetime warranty, which is quite compelling.)


Ultimately, the choice of material is completely up to you. Using cheap material for a 5’x8’ bathroom could cost as little as $1000-$1500. Using more expensive material and going for a more custom look could cost upwards of $5000. Be sure to chat with your remodeling expert on the difficulty of installing certain materials as that may also change your total price. 


When calculating the final price for a bathroom remodel, be sure to add installation and material costs. Here at Kirks Renovations, our process typically involves the homeowner buying finishing materials of their liking. Then, we take care of other materials like drywall, cement board, mortar, waterproofing, etc. Based on our experience in King County, WA, the average total for a 5x8 bathroom is about $10,000.



We hope this article provided value and helped explain how bathroom remodels are priced. Let us know if you have any questions by clicking here.